So are the Union just going to ignore this, then? The announcer was even encouraging the “Zulus over there”.

I was under the impression that UEA had, oh, some sort of policy re: racism, and that the infamous rugby team ( had been disbanded for being racist little shits in the past.

Oh UEA, I love you, but sometimes you are fucking dire. Students should be an educated and aware populace, but instead people use their time at university as an excuse to be complete and utter immature cunts for 3 years.

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    That’s great to hear, I’m glad a society has stepped up to the plate and actively spoken out against this bullfuckery....
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    UEA Feminism Society have written an official letter of complaint to the Union about the racist costumes involved in...
  5. youshouldknowtherulesbynow said: Here’s the thing, were they the previous Rugby lot who got Rugby banned or are they going to be part of the new lot? Cause if they’re part of the new ones taking over and managing new Rugby, then that’s got to stop.
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    I was whinging about this on the day and I’m not sure why the union didn’t call them out on it, especially given that...
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